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Imagine not having to carry your heavy stuff all over the city. Imagine being able to extend your shopping spree, since you now have a bag to carry it all. And imagine being able to significantly reduce plastic waste while doing it. Introducing: BOW.


BOW is a cooperation of Dutch designers, entrepreneurs and stylists that love to make physical products better and more beautiful. That’s why they designed the first bag on wheels you want to be seen with: bold, simple, adventurous, fashionable, open minded, respectful, unique, stylish and esthetic. A bag that is completely you: you can mix and match frames and colors to find the perfect combination that can support you in all areas of your life. Take it to work, to the gym or for a shopping trip downtown. Need a unique gift for your mom or dad? BOW can be that too.

While the design will make you retro-hip while being surprisingly mobile, you will also do your part in reducing plastic waste. Worldwide we are using approximately one trillion plastic bags a year. It takes the environment 1000 years to break down one plastic bag. And we’re not doing so well with recycling: out of every 200 bags we only recycle one bag.


On May 8th BOW will launch its Kickstarter campaign. For more information about the launch, product or BOW, you can sent an email to: There is also a download of our press release available at


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